Personal Business Coaching




The first stage of the coaching experience begins with a comprehensive online business profile review. Is the  brand voice, image  and tone consistent?


Socially Correct Media will ask  three key questions about a business:  Who are the current customers?

Who are the goal customers?

Who are the competitors?





The second stage of  the coaching experience is strategy.  Time to take a deeper dive into development and a businesses story so it makes a lasting impact on customers.


Socially Correct Media coaches businesses on how to build an online strategy. Our personal coaching programs can be developed based on specific needs. 



The final stage of the coaching experience is about making connections. Communicating  brand identity to customers with purpose, emotional impact and consistency.

Socially Correct Media offers this consultation service to provide businesses with a roadmap of next steps. We help prioritize the work and provide a level of effort to address every finding.