Online Brand Auditing​​

It's all about your brand.  An online brand audit helps to improve brand accuracy, brand consistency, and brand loyalty.

See how your online presence is contributing to your business.



The first stage of the audit is an evaluation of your online presence across all social media channels, directories & search engines with an eye on accuracy.

Socially Correct Media will be looking  for profile inaccuracies, imposters, brand inconsistencies, broken links, and other quality issues that could affect brand accuracy and customer loyalty.




The second stage of the audit is a review of every finding. We'll walk you through what we've identified and explain all of the issues  and possible discrepencies at hand.


Socially Correct Media compiles the audit results into a comprehensive report.  The report includes a detailed account of every issue, which we present in a personalized one-on-one session.




The third stage of the audit is up to you. This is the optional stage that  frames up the results into actionable tasks to address what we found and how we can ammend.

Socially Correct Media offers this consultation service to provide you with a roadmap of next steps. We help you prioritize the work and provide a level of effort to address every finding.